One Simple Technique to Help Children Overcome Anxiety!

Maybe your children struggle with

Scardies Away book
  • The dark
  • Noises at night
  • Sleeping in their own beds
  • Going to school
  • Playing a sport
  • Social gatherings with large crowds
  • Spiders or snakes
  • Fear of bodily sensations
  • Talking in front of class
  • Fear of rejection
  • Fear of an angry teacher
  • Fear of storms/natural disasters

These are just some of the most common fears young children suffer
from as they grow and develop.

We have been conditioned to reassure children that their fears are not real, that monsters do not hide in closets, that it’s easy to speak in front of a group or to make new friends.

But those fears are very real to children!

Yes, children need to be reassured when anxious, but what is equally, if not more important, is that they internalize reassurance and feel a sense of power over their fears.

Book cover
Authors of the book

Barry McDonagh (author of Panic Away) and Stacy Fiorile, (Nationally Certified School Psychologist) have just launched a very special children’s book called Scaredies Away.

This Book Introduces a Powerful Technique Into a Fun Fictional Story.
The magic finger magic countdown

Clay on the roller coaster This technique know as the Magic Finger Countdown. is used for conquering fear in almost any situation—from staying in a big kid bed at night, to imaginary monsters in the closet, to talking in front of a group.

Any child (ages 6-12) can use this technique to feel a sense of power over their fears.

The story details how eight-year-old Jack is scared...of the dark...of swimming in the ocean...and of riding the biggest roller coaster on the boardwalk. Jack usually runs away from what scares him.

Most people do! But now that his cousin Clay has taught him to overcome his fears using the Magic Finger Countdown

Clay on the roller coaster

Jack is ready to take on the world!

Children do not have to live with debilitating fear and anxiety. Behavior can be changed, and anxiety can be transformed into a sense of personal power.

Read this book with your children or students, explore the Afterword for tips on Implementing the technique, and encourage children to try the Magic Finger Countdown in any situation where they feel afraid!

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About the Authors
Special Bonus Jack the star of the book
Stacy Fiorile is a Nationally Certified School Psychologist with her Masters in Counseling and Continued Advanced Graduate Study. She has studied anxiety and panic in depth on both a personal and professional level for the past fourteen years. She is committed to improving the lives of children in the area of good mental health through her writing and work as a School Psychologist
Barry McDonagh is a psychology graduate and creator of the well known and very successful program Panic Away. The program has been purchased by more than 70,000 people worldwide and has been featured on TV and radio across America. To view endorsements and testimonials for the Panic Away program and for more on Barry's latest work go to
For more on Stacy and her work to date, visit

We have asked some of our readers what they thought of Scaredies Away.

“'This wonderful book is a must for all parents to help their children to normalise the symptoms of anxiety. What a gift to give to our children.' ”.


Dr Harry Barry (MD, author and mental health advocate)

“Children get scared. And if their fears are not coped with in childhood, they follow them into adulthood and affect relationships,professionally and personally. I have worked with Barry's Panic Away program for some years and recommended it to individuals who needed additional assistance. ”.

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Judy H. Wright aka "Auntie Artichoke"

“Thinking back as a child, I would have loved this book. I was sure witches were in the trees outside my windows. The fears increased from there. I had anxiety symptoms when I started school, staying at friends houses, visiting my grandparents, riding the school bus, going to Disneyland-you name it. ”.

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Polly Meyers Co-Founder Break Free From Anxiety

“I purchased this book because genetically, for centuries, my biological family has dealt with severe anxiety. I wanted this DNA issue to be understood and handled properly. For myself, my children and my grandchildren I knew there just had to be a solution! This book teaches us all, ”.

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Michelle Anne Cox-lomas
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