What to Do When Your Anxiety Becomes Your Child’s Anxiety It has been a few weeks now that we have all been back to school. Your children and your family are now settling into a routine.

Maybe this new -year brought with it a new teacher, new class friends, new bus, different kind of homework?

Or maybe this year your child has to switch classes or navigate a locker?

Often these types of changes can heighten anxious feelings. It is important that you show confidence in your child being able to handle such changes. If they think -you think they cannot handle or “should” be afraid of the changes-, they will believe you and become more afraid.

While you may worry about whether or not their teacher is nice or if they got their locker open on the first shot-it’s better for them to see you appear confident in them, as they will read your queues and follow your lead.

As parents, we will always worry about our children.That indeed will never end.

And that’s okay.

Just try and do your best and let them see that you believe in their ability to handle new anxious situations and they will have a better shot of doing just that!

I will now try and follow my own advise:)

I hope your school year is off to a good start!