What NOT to Do on Your Anxious Child's First Day of School

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If you have a small child entering Preschool or Kindergarten and they are feeling a bit anxious-- just like in showbiz..as parents you must 'fake it 'til you make it'.

Your kids by now have learned to read your cues. You must put on a very confident and sturdy face for your child. If you appear to be nervous,they will think that something is wrong.

Even if they are crying, very simply and confidently let them know this is where they are supposed to be now and that they are safe and will be just fine.

No dramatic departures please.

Save the tears and tissues until you make it back to your car.

Then, break out the entire box of Kleenex and maybe a box of chocolates...

Chins up parents. You can do this!

Good Luck!